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Have you ever squeezed your nose in front of the mirror only to watch white stuff squeezing out of those little holes?  Those little holes are your pores and the “white stuff” is sebaceous filaments, also known as blackheads. These pores, however, aren’t only present on your face and nose, but they cover your entire body. While the size of a person’s pores (small or large) has more to do with genetics than maintaining personal hygiene, how we take care of our skin does affect the health the pores keeping them clean or allowing them to get clogged.

A proper skincare routine is the only way to keep pores on your face and body tight and clean. This will also prevent pores from getting stretched out over time due to being clogged from excess oils.

If your pores are considered large, whether it be from genetics or aging, there unfortunately isn’t a way to reverse this. There are some procedures that can help the appearance of pores, which we will get to later on. But for people who still find their pores to be of normal size, preventing them from getting worse over time is very important. Not only is a regular skincare routine necessary, an essential part of that routine is exfoliation so that pores remain open and do not have a chance of clogging. You can do this either with skincare products, or through professional procedures such as chemical peels or other facial procedures in Salt Lake City, where your skin will feel healthy and rejuvenated after one session.

Even if your pores are considered small and healthy, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. With smaller pores blackheads or whiteheads are more challenging to remove. When natural oils that your body makes are secreted from these pores, they oxidize the moment they are exposed to the air from outside. Because pores are small, it is very hard to clean them thoroughly, so as oil remains in these pores, the oxidation turns them into that unappealing black or white color. Oil can also remain colorless but harden in these pores just the same, and it can be equally as frustrating. It does seem like a lot of work has to be done just to prevent a small amount of oil from remaining inside each little pore on your skin, but one way to ensure this occurrence remains minimal is with regular advanced exfoliation facials from specialists here in Salt Lake City.

It’s helpful to remember that you want to maintain your facial treatments done at the med spa with proper skin care products at home. As mentioned previously, you can buy several skincare products that can moisturize and exfoliate your pores in a routine that takes just a few minutes in the morning and evening. Exfoliation is beneficial, not just to open the pores on your face, but to also allow maximum product absorption of other essential skin care ingredients and for your skin to experience greater results. One thing to keep in mind though, use products recommended by your skin care professional to ensure you are using ingredients on your skin that is suited to your skin type and condition. For example, larger pores tend to be associated with more oily skin so avoid products with heavy oils.  Small pores are usually associated with dryer skin conditions and should avoid excessively acidic products that could make pores more challenging to keep clean and unclogged.


It is important for pores to stay clean and healthy. You can do this by developing a constant routine of cleaning your face in addition to getting a professional facial periodically.