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Life Coaching for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

Sometimes, you just need a guiding hand

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We’re here to help you through life’s most transformative moments.

AVIVA WO/MAN provides the tools to help young women navigate their blossoming womanhood. Our goal is to show them how to harness a positive mindset and turn life’s obstacles into opportunities. As they learn with a 1:1 coach, they will become more responsible and accountable for their own life’s happiness.

We focus on coaching, because it helps one to develop skills and overcome obstacles

Let’s get clear on Therapy Vs. Coaching

Source: Hayden and Whitworth (1995), The Relationship Coaching Institute, Sharon House

In therapy, the therapist is in charge and is considered the “mental health professional”.


In coaching, the client is in charge. The coach works for the client and the client determines the agenda.

In therapy, the function is to “fix what’s broken”.


In coaching, the function is to develop strengths.

In therapy, the focus is on feelings and past events.


In coaching, the focus is on actions and the future.

In therapy, the purpose is to heal dysfunction and pathology to improve the “being”.


In coaching, the purpose is to help take action for the future.

In therapy, the depth of work is centered around core beliefs.

Depth of Work

In coaching, the depth of work is centered around behaviors and skills.

In therapy, the process explores the root of problems.


In coaching, the process focuses on solving problems.

In therapy, the assumption is the client needs healing.


In coaching, the assumption is the client is whole.

In therapy, you would work to bring the unconscious into consciousness.

Path to Success

In coaching, we work with the conscious mind.

Therapy works for internal resolution of pain and to let go of old patterns.


Coaching works for external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement them.

Therapists deal primarily with answering the question “Why do I….?”

Questions and Questioner

A coach ask the questions “Who are you? Where do you want to go? and What do you want your future to look like?”

Empowering our next generation

Life coaching is helpful for teens, tweens and young adults who:

  • Have interest in learning how to be a leader
  • Want to discover and use their voice
  • Desire a mindset around being themselves and leading with love
  • Need help navigating comparison traps and social pressures

Young adult life coaching can help you or your child:

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Understand how to navigate womanhood
  • Feel empowered to make and seize opportunities
  • Gain responsibility for actions and emotions
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Tween + Teen Life Coaching

Ages 9-19. 1 hour sessions.

30-Minute Introductory Appointment with Parent(s)…$50
We want to make sure we are a good fit for you!

Single Session…$75
Package of 12 Sessions (Recommended)…$855

Young Adult Life Coaching

Ages 20-24. 1 hour sessions.

30-Minute Introductory Appointment…$50
We want to make sure we are a good fit for you!

Single Session…$75
Package of 12 Sessions (Recommended)…$855

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Still wondering if life coaching is right for you or your child?

No question is off limits at AVIVA WO/MAN

Life Coaching FAQs

How does the life coaching program work?

Our coaching program is designed to help teens, tweens, and young adults work towards their goals, uncover their leadership skills, and identify their authentic selves. It all starts with a 30-minute introductory appointment, where we explain the program and make sure we’re a good fit. Once accepted, you can then schedule individual appointments as needed or follow our recommended protocol of 12 sessions.

Why would I or my child need life coaching?

You or your child might want to develop important skills a woman should have – these include leadership, positive mindset, self-love, ambition and so forth. AVIVA life coaching customized for those 24 and under was designed to do just that. After 12 weeks, you or your child will feel competent and proud of who they are and where they are going in life.

I’m not sure if this is the right thing for me. How do I know?

AVIVA life coaching is helpful for tweens, teens, and young adults who are looking to develop personal, life, and leadership skills. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns to determine if this program is right for you.

What’s your cancellation policy for coaching sessions?

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy or the full session will be charged. The only exception is illness. Please let us know IMMEDIATELY if your child leaves school early or at onset of illness if possible so that we may offer your slot to another family.

What’s your confidentiality policy for life coaching sessions?
Andrea Arlt keeps confidential all clients she works with. Additionally, content discussed in sessions with parents and teens is kept confidential.

Andrea will keep content of sessions with teens confidential from parents with the exception of the teen sharing information that may endanger her/him or indicates danger to others.

Andrea will use her discretion in situations she feels parents need to know about and will often let the teen know she needs to discuss the issue with the parent(s).

Clinic FAQs

Should I tip my aesthetician or medical practitioner?

Nope! The best tip you can offer us is your repeat business.

Do you accept insurance or HSAs?

We do not work with any insurance group.
However, we do accept HSA and FSA Cards for covered health services (mostly services that aren’t cosmetic but check with your plan first!)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Do I need to schedule an in-office visit or do you offer virtual visits?

Depending on the service, we can do both.

We are happy to invite you to our office located in Millcreek, UT for your initial consultation OR we can schedule a virtual visit.

Certain services are available virtually, and some follow ups can be conducted virtually as well.

Discover how to feel and live better – on your own terms