Sanctuary for Intimate Wellness

Aviva Woman is the first and only "Sanctuary for Intimate Wellness." Our goal is to empower women to take charge of their mental, emotional and physical intimate needs and we are here to provide a comfortable, spa-like experience to help you heal from the inside out.

We are women who have personal experiences with intimate issues which gives us the unique insight on how best to treat our fellow women. We understand that with experience, age and the blessing of childbirth comes many undesirable side affects and life gets in the way of being able to focus on you. Our Aviva Woman team is made up of women and mothersalike. We have all experienced similar issues to those that we are treating, and found great relief, which drives our passion to help you.

Women need a place to connect, share and heal all the issues we face on a daily basis – Aviva Woman is here for you. 


For Women. By Women. 

Aviva Woman is 100% For Women and By Women. Not only are we sympathetic to every challenge a woman may face but being owned and operated by women allows us the unique insight, empathy and understanding of exactly what you are feeling. 


Aging, childbirth and hormone imbalances can take its toll on our most intimate body parts. It is so common for women to be living with vaginal dryness, laxity, bladder incontinence (leakage), lack of sensitivity, painful intercourse, orgasmic dysfunction, atrophy and so much more. You don't have to and we are here to help! Many women turn to lasers, labiaplasty and more extreme surgeries. We have a much more gentle solution to achieve the optimal results. Aviva Woman is now proudly offering ThermiVa®, an FDA and clinically-approved, non-surgical, non-ablative technology for vaginal rejuvenation that will help reclaim, restore and revive your younger self.


Here at Aviva Woman, our goal is to help women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable from the inside out. We strive to provide a safe environment for women to be heard and understood. Every woman is unique and so are the challenges they face. Our Therapists provide evaluation, counseling and treatment for many challenges that affect women at every phase of life.  Areas of focus with our women's health counselors include anxiety, depression, sexuality, trauma, and overall mental wellness.


At Aviva Woman, we want you to feel confident about your beauty on the inside and out. We offer a groundbreaking, non-invasive, pain-free skin rejuvenation procedure for smoothing fine facial lines. A hand-held device delivers the radio-frequency energy to the surface of the skin, which heats the cells and stimulates the body’s own collagen production. ThermiSmooth® Face is an extremely effective option for erasing wrinkles and skin tightening.


Let us help you enjoy life to its fullest again. Call us to reserve our exclusive grand opening package rates, schedule an awareness event or book a complimentary consultation today.