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Welcome to Aviva Wo/Man! Are you tired of feeling tired and run down? Our team of professionals is here to help you take charge of your health and wellness with our IV therapy services.  We have been supporting individuals with IV Therapy in Salt Lake for 6 years.

IV therapy is a quick and easy way to boost your energy, improve your immune system, and enhance your overall health and wellness. This treatment involves delivering fluids, vitamins, and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream through a vein. It’s a non-invasive and simple procedure that can provide a wide range of benefits.

At Aviva Woman, we offer several types of IV infusions to meet your individual needs. One popular option is the Myers cocktail, a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can give your energy levels a boost and support a healthy immune system. We also offer the Glutathione infusion, a powerful antioxidant that can improve your skin health and reduce the signs of aging.

But IV therapy isn’t just for boosting health and wellness – it can also be used to deliver medication like antibiotics to those who may have difficulty taking medication orally. And in cases of dehydration, such as after a long workout or illness, IV therapy can provide rapid hydration.

If you’re ready to feel better and live better, simply consult with one of our healthcare professionals at Aviva Woman. They will listen to you and help you determine the best course of action for your individual needs. So don’t settle for feeling “normal” – take control of your health and wellness with IV therapy at Aviva Woman!

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