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Winter can be sooooo long! BUT it is the best time of year to work on your skin concerns. Most of us are out of the cold, inside where it is warm, so there is little worry about the damaging effects of UV Rays. (Note to Snow Bunnies, keep your skin protected with an SPF and physical barrier like a scarf or face mask.). A regimen of 4-6 exfoliating facials spaced two weeks apart is a great way to improve the appearance and condition of your skin at fraction of the cost to laser. Regular visits can keep the skin in optimal condition which is essential for best results. When you decide you want to take a more aggressive approach to your skin care like laser or microneedling these tried and true treatments are still a huge benefit to your results. Skin that is healthy and conditioned will notice better results from treatments like microneedling and laser than skin that is lacking in a good home-care regimen and in need of conditioning facial services.

Where to start

Invest on home-care! A good cleanser, toner, and moisturizers are a must. If you can add a skin type specific treatment product like a serum that will continue to improve your results. If you have extra budget after your home-care investment, book yourself facials once a month. Not only is this excellent for your skin but the benefits to your emotional state of wellbeing are improved too. Yes Please!

Where to go

Aviva Woman has a variety of facial treatments from monthly facial services to radio frequency treatments and more aggressive services like chemical peels and micro-needle. Look for professionals that offer both types of services where you can condition your skin and treat your skin in rotation.