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If you’re an expectant mother, you may be doing all that you can to prepare for your baby’s arrival. This includes buying and organizing all of the items you will need in your hospital bag. You may already have a cute outfit for your baby picked out but what about essentials to keep you and your baby comfortable after delivery? Well, if you haven’t started thinking about these basics, here are a few slightly surprising things you may want to include.

1. A Change or Two of Comfy Clothes

You may end up spending a couple of days or more in the hospital when your baby is born, so make sure you have a few comfy clothing essentials packed in your bag. Picking out a soft new nursing bra, delivery gown or set of nursing pajamas will provide a much-needed break from a stiff hospital gown. You may also want to include leggings or joggers for the trip back home. Most new moms recommend having comfortable clothing like pajamas and a robe, in addition to a few other hospital bag basics, so don’t forget to bring these items along with you!

2. A Copy of Your Birth Plan

No matter how careful you are when it comes to selecting your delivery provider, he/she may not be available on the actual date of your delivery. That’s why it’s important to put together a few written copies of your birthing plan in your hospital bag. Not sure which details you can use? Print out one of these templates and then work with your provider to fill out each step. Just keep in mind that while it’s good to have a plan, your provider may need to stray from it in order to keep you and your baby healthy and safe, so be willing to compromise on the day of delivery.

3. At Least One Cell Phone Charger

Let’s face it: you’re going to want to take a ton of photos of your new baby once he/she arrives. So don’t let a dead cell phone battery put a damper on your plans! Ahead of your expected delivery date, order at least one extra phone charger or a charging cord with extra length. The thing is, hospital beds tend to be far away from outlets and that can make it difficult to charge your phone while you move around or take photos.

4. Softer Towels and Pillows From Home

Another thing about hospitals is that they tend to stock towels and pillows that are scratchy and uncomfortable. Since you need to be comfortable to recuperate from giving birth, you should think about packing your own towels and pillows. For a little extra postpartum comfort, look for soft and absorbent towels that are also super affordable. Then you won’t be too upset if you forget to bring them back home. Also, invest in a supportive pillow so you can get some rest.

5. A Pack of Adult Diapers and Perineal Spray

Bringing a baby into the world can be rough on your body. So come prepared by packing a few self-care basics in your hospital bag to recovery. A perineal spray should go at the top of your postpartum recovery essentials lists, as this soothing spray can help keep your skin calm and clean after the trauma of giving birth.

You may also experience a few leaks after birth. While the hospital will supply you with pads or mesh underwear, bringing a pack of well-reviewed adult diapers is likely to keep you much drier and more comfortable during the recovery process.

Mom brain really is a thing, so it’s better to prepare for the trip to the hospital now rather than waiting until the last minute. This will also give you time to pick up a few essentials you may not think about bringing with you! Those little extras can make a world of difference when it comes to recovering from your delivery.

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