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Five reasons why a chemical peel is so good for your skin…

Having great skin is akin to a healthy life style. But ‘normal skin’ is far from perfect. In fact, most of us deal with pigmentation, the occasional blemish, dry and dehydrated or oily/acne prone skin types. As we age, we begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles. So what does normal skin need to do to have great skin? We get a chemical peel!

What Exactly Is Chemical Peel?

This treatment helps in removing dead skin cells from the top layer of skin by applying active ingredients and letting them sit on the skin for a particular amount of time. Usually, the longer or stronger the ingredients, the more active the treatment will be. The treatment is 30-45 minutes with mild redness to possible moderate peeling a few days after the treatment.

Here are benefits that you get to enjoy when you book a chemical peel appointment:

1. Improves Color Tone and Texture

If you want to brighten up your face and skin color, a lactic chemical peel is a good choice, especially if you have a special event coming up. Looking great at events such as a wedding, birthday party, or any other special occasion is possible when you get this treatment.

2. Control Discoloration of the Face

Sun is a major contributor to skin discoloration. Hormones and genetics come in to play as well. A mild to moderate peel in a series of 3-5 can do wonders for evening out pigmentation. Certain active ingredients will target the melanocyte, a cell responsible for producing skin pigment. The ingredients (tyrosinase inhibitors) are designed to slow the process or stop the pigmentation from being produced. In about 6 weeks you will start to notice a lightening of the pigmentation.

3. Hydrate Your Skin

A less commonly known benefit to a chemical peel is the ability to help hydrate your skin! At Aviva Woman, we have a chemical peel option to help the women of Salt Lake City hydrate the skin from the inside out. A combination of Lactic Acid and Collagen is a beautiful event-ready treatment that will continue to improve the skin’s hydration. Skin that is well hydrated will look plump, supple, and resilient. Drinking water is still an important step in staying hydrated. The occasional chemical peel will help too!

4. Helps Skin Products to Work Effectively

Do you spend a lot of money on serums and moisturizers? Then this may interest you. Chemical peels or any type of exfoliation will remove dead cells on the surface of the skin. Once those are out of the way, your products will be able to penetrate deeper through the layers of skin. Instead of the dry dead skin absorbing all your products, the skin care ingredients have a better chance of helping your skin.

5. Helps in Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

If you want to reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and fine lines, a chemical peel is an important step in your treatment plan. Glycolic acid is the smallest molecules in the AHA (alpha hydroxy acids or fruit enzymes) family. It is able to penetrate further than any other peel ingredient to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. A TCA peel works on resurfacing and will improve the texture and fine lines. A glycolic peel will work stimulate more collagen making the skin more supple. you must plan on getting this treatment.

There you have it! If you want to have hydrated, even skin tone, and more supple skin include various chemical peels to your monthly, quarterly, yearly treatment plan!