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Estrogen plays a critical role in the human body, especially for women. If your body isn’t producing enough estrogen (or if it isn’t producing any), you might want to find talk to a provider who specializes in BHRT or look for the best Salt Lake City med spa for replacement therapy.

Hormone imbalance in whatever proportion isn’t just unpleasant; it can also result in a range of health issues that, if not resolved, can affect the quality of life. When women experience an imbalance in their progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone levels, their life may be disrupted for days, weeks, months, or even years. Researchers have shown that estrogen has about 400 different roles in women’s bodies. This includes:

  • Improving insulin sensitivity

  • Increasing metabolic rate

  • Improving sleep

  • Relieving menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, chills, excessive sweating, and vaginal

  • dryness

  • Improving vaginal issues like vulva atrophy and atrophic vaginitis

  • Helping ovary issues

  • Protecting bones after menopause

Controlling hormonal levels

If you are having problems with your hormones, it is a good idea to seek an expert opinion first. Professionals from a reputed Salt Lake City Med Spa and Hormone Clinic are better placed to analyze your situation and recommend the best cause of action. Depending on your situation, this may involve Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy or lifestyle adjustments.

Lifestyle changes

It is incredible how a lifestyle change can reverse the effects of imbalanced hormones. Making healthy lifestyle choices by exercising regularly, eating healthy meals, drinking plenty of what, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes can be a great place to start.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

A hormonal imbalance may mean that you are exhibiting signs of menopause, fatigue, low or no libido, etc. In this case, prescribed treatments or medications like bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) might be your best shot. BHRT helps balance progesterone and estrogen in women entering menopause, as well as, ensuring optimal levels of thyroid, testosterone, and other health indicators. The treatment can relieve hot flashes, sweating, and other symptoms highlighted above.

What to know about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • BHRT is widely used for its effectiveness in addressing perimenopause and menopause signs and symptoms.

  • The therapy can minimize the occurrence and severity of hot flashes, improve energy levels, and increase libido

  • It can help keep your skin looking youthful, though it doesn’t delay or reverse the overall aging effects

The right candidate for BHRT

You can benefit from BHRT if you:

  • Experience menopausal symptoms (mentioned above)

  • Experience premature menopause (before 40) or lost normal ovarian functions before 40

  • Have lost bone mass and aren’t responding to other treatments

You may not be the right candidate for BHRT procedure. The best place to start is getting a comprehensive panel of blood work to review many different health levels in your body. This might include:

  • Hormones: testosterone, estradiol, FHS

  • Thyroid: Free T3, T4, TSH, TPP

  • Vitamins: B12 and D25

  • Other: Lipid panel, liver and kidney function, insulin, and inflammatory indicators

Side effects

A certain fraction of women who undergo the therapy report feeling breast soreness, bloating, blurry vision, headaches, dizziness, and vaginal bleeding. Contact your caregiver in case you have any spotting or bleeding, especially after not having a period for 12 or more months.


BHRT is an effective solution if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance. However, you should find the best BHRT specialist to ensure you get the most out of the process.