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If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘chemical peel,’ it could be highly misunderstood as something that is bad for your skin. Chemical peels are trending these days and much safer than you might think. A chemical peel is a solution to an array of skin problems. From wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, a chemical peel could be a great suggestion for various skin concerns. Not only for skin problems, but mild chemical peels are also good for general anti-aging benefits. This treatment helps makes the skin brighter, clearer and more youthful. A chemical peel is a liquid solution that is applied to the face, hands or neck. They range from mild peeling to more advanced medical grade peels for more progressed skin concerns like acne scaring.  Chemical peels should be performed by a license professional after a thorough skin analysis and review.  Curious about the benefits of getting a chemical peel in Salt Lake City from a licensed professional?

1. Reduces Wrinkles

Most doctors have said that your natural skin is hidden just beneath you’re the outer exposed layer of skin. With a chemical peel in Salt Lake City, you can help reduce your wrinkles and see the fresh layer of skin after the treatment. Depending on your preference and skin needs, a deeper or lighter skin peel treatment is done.  For best results, a series is generally recommended.

2. Corrects Sun Damage

Did you know that exposure to UV rays from sunlight contributes to 90% of premature aging? If you haven’t been using an SPF, you may already be experiencing the effects of sun damage. But, a chemical peel treatment can improve the condition of your skin from the damage of the sun to give your a fresh, youthful look. Remember, it is necessary that you use sunscreen products on your face, neck and hands after the treatment to help keep your skin safe from getting sun burned. Without proper post-treatment care, your treatment could be a waste. So, make sure you are not exposed directly to the sun.

3. Improves Acne

Treating acne is a surface skin issue, and most women find the chemical peel treatment very effective. A peel that includes salicylic acid, which reduces your acne and inflammation, is considered to be a good option for a first-time peel that will address hormonal acne.  If you have been fighting acne for a while now, consider trying a chemical peel treatment.  It is generally treated with a mild peel with little to no downtime. In other cases, stronger peels or layered peels may help more challenging acne.

4. Helps to Maximize the Skin Product Effects

After a chemical peel treatment, the flakey and dehydrated outer layer of skin is removed. This enables skincare products penetrate the layers of your skin more efficiently and thus, work more effectively on keeping your skin dewy and youthful.  If you have been spending too much money on skincare products without any results, it could be because they aren’t able to properly absorb into the skin to do their job right.  An effective chemical peel treatment enhances the use of skincare products and gives you awesome results even if you receive one just once a quarter.  Whatever be your esthetic goals, make sure you get the treatment done from a qualified and licensed professional.