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Here we are at 38 weeks. My husband is in California not due to return till later this evening. I’ve been having contractions off and on all week. Carrying my toddler around was sure to help progress me. I arrived at the doctors office first thing on Thursday morning with specific instructions to notify Husband at the slightest change so he could catch an early flight if needed.

Well, I had progressed! The Doc told me I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. He asked if I wanted my membranes stripped again. I told him my husband was out of state and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Besides! I was having brunch with friends the next day!!! Can’t miss out on a brunch especially when my independent days are numbered. So, we opted not for the membrane sweep. I called my husband to let him know how I had progressed. He was really worried but I told him not to worry (though in my head I really wished he was home for peace of mind). This is so odd for me. I am never this far progressed especially BEFORE my due date. I took it in good faith that my body is doing what it knows and that hopefully I will have a relatively normal delivery.

To my surprise, Blake (Hubby) elected for the early flight and left his meeting. He wanted to be home in case anything happened. He came through the door and we sat and we walked and we cleaned and we waited. No baby. I did get to go to brunch the next day.

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Brunch was a blast. According to all my friends who have had babies, me dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced was like, “why are you not in the hospital”?!?!? I know. I was equally confused.  They can offer you an epidural when you are dilated to a 4. Here I am with no signs of labor. Maybe things aren’t progressing like I thought. Or maybe I will just go over like all the other kids of mine. Or maybe I just need to be a little more patient as I am still not to my official due date. **Word of advice, when they tell you your due date, just add 10 days to that date.  Every day before that date will feel like a gift if you deliver before hand.