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Welcome back to the AVIVA WO/MAN blog, where we’re dedicated to redefining beauty standards and empowering you on your unique journey to well-being. Today, we delve into a topic that might resonate with many — perioral dermatitis. If you’re unfamiliar, perioral dermatitis is a facial rash that tends to occur around the mouth, eyes, and sometimes the nose. It’s characterized by small, red, and bumpy papules and pustules. While the exact cause isn’t always clear, factors like the use of topical steroids or hormonal changes are often associated with its development. We want to share with you how to help perioral dermatitis to have radiant skin once again.

But fret not, because at AVIVA, we’ve discovered a home care routine that not only addresses this skin issue but also pampers your skin with the care it deserves.

The Hero Product: Neuro Skin Balm by Janssen

In our quest for effective solutions, we stumbled upon a gem – Neuro Skin Balm by Janssen. Priced at $63, this powerhouse product is not just a remedy; it’s a companion through your skin’s healing journey. Use it throughout the day for a minimum of 4 weeks and continue for an additional 2 weeks after symptoms subside.

Your Daily Ritual: A Skincare Symphony

But that’s not all. We believe in a holistic approach to skincare, and that’s why we’ve curated a routine that complements the Neuro Skin Balm, enhancing its effectiveness. Here’s your daily ritual:

  1. Cleansing Magic: Mild Creamy Cleanser by Janssen ($38) Start your day by cleansing with the gentle yet powerful Mild Creamy Cleanser. It’s not just a routine; it’s a refreshing way to kickstart your journey to radiant skin.
  2. Toning Elegance: Soft Soothing Tonic by Janssen ($37) Following your cleansing step, the Soft Soothing Tonic. This toner isn’t just about prepping your skin; it’s a step towards balance and harmony.
  3. Healing Touch: Neuro Skin Balm ($63) The star of the show, the Neuro Skin Balm, takes center stage. Apply it after cleansing and toning, embracing your skin with its reparative properties.

Mask Moments: Instant Soothing Mask by Janssen ($55)

And for those special moments of indulgence, we present the Instant Soothing Mask by Janssen. Incorporate this into your routine 2-3 times a week for a spa-like experience. Here’s your mask ritual:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Mask (Leave on for 20 minutes or overnight)
  4. Remove and Apply Neuro Skin Balm

With this comprehensive routine, we’re not just addressing peri-oral dermatitis; we’re nurturing your skin, letting it breathe, and embracing a radiant transformation. It’s not just a skincare routine; it’s an ode to the beauty within you. Check out our store here!

Another good option we have seen be successful in helping perioral dermatitis is our PRP facial ($550).  PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is used to repair damaged tissue and regenerate new tissue. This treatment is a 50 minute procedure.  Plan on 24 hours of downtime.  Additionally, you can add the PRP facial injections for an extra $250!

Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and transformative journeys with AVIVA WO/MAN. Because feeling good in your own skin? That’s not just a goal – it’s our commitment.