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Most women agree that proper skin care is essential for feeling and looking your best. Because the face is also an intimate area when considering that we don’t often start touch one another’s faces at random, this makes the experts at Aviva Woman uniquely trained to discussing your anti-aging skin care needs. One cannot expect any woman to be able to discuss her intimate concerns in a random environment. For her to feel comfortable, our providers are able to listen to her conerns and empower her with options. Reputed med spas will help her choose amongst the many facial options in Salt Lake City.

The major reason to visit a reputed med spa in Salt Lake City, Utah is to be able to feel open and free about discussing intimate health services, which definitely include anti-aging skin care services. You will not find this type of care in your traditional health clinic. Not only do the women receive high quality healthcare here, but also the men, who are often their husbands or partners. Facials in Salt Lake City is one such opportunity to feel and look rejuvenated.

Matching programs to skin types

The first step completed by your skincare expert at reputed med spas is to find the program which is in alignment with your specific skin type and your skincare goals. The regimen for skin improvement is equally applicable to both men and women. Customized skincare programs are available for them, and those who visit spas with these programs at least once a quarter will notice the most positive results.

Once you have arrived at Aviva Woman for your facial treatment and are suitably relaxed, you will be asked various questions with respect to your skincare routine at home, main issues, and your general lifestyle. All these help in working out the nuances of your skincare program. After documenting the answers, the esthetician will initiate the facial by removing makeup using a cleaner, exfoliate your skin, and then put the relevant peel or mask, with ingredients as per your skin type.

What you need to do after the facial

Once the facial treatment has been completed, simply wait for the esthetician to give you complete skincare instructions. In a large number of facials, it is possible to apply makeup immediately after, but not on all. If you are going to be outside for some time, even if it means a drive back home, ensure that you apply SPF. Drink a lot of water and stay away from direct exposure for the sun for the next 3 days.

Other treatments


If you are looking for skincare treatment procedures to enhance natural beauty, you can look at Botox. Anti-aging services for skin care can be made into affordable packages.


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy helps regulate the body’s hormones. The Bio-identical hormones act as natural solutions for hormones and the therapy is practiced by medical experts at spas. Bio-identical hormones may be available in the form of creams, gels, patches, pills, and injections. Balanced hormones greatly impact the affects of aging on the skin.

Intimate care

Intimate procedures aim to dryness and stressed urinary incontinence while registering improvements in muscle tone, sexual function, and esthetic appearance of intimate areas are carried out here.

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