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Getting facials with Thermismooth Radio Frequency (RF) is great if you want a healthier-looking face without chemicals, abrasions, side-effects, or downtime required. It is a great service to consider to help your skin feel smooth, elastic, and youthful.

However, no facial treatment is permanent, so for ongoing results, multiple treatments on a consistent basis are recommended. After the initial Thermismooth RF treatment series, you may need one to two maintenance treatments every year for continuous results.

You would likely prefer to have only one treatment per year if you can help it, and fortunately, you might be able to achieve this. It will involve a steady diet of certain foods to maintain the results of your facials in Salt Lake City with less frequent visits and that your wrinkles take significantly longer to come back.

Here are some food items you can consider incorporating into your diet to ensure your skin stays smooth and healthy:


Carrots get their orange color, and also their name, due to their rich amounts of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is considered an alternate, older form of vitamin A, which is also the key ingredient in Retin-A, a skin care product used for renewing skin. Beta-carotene is known for decreasing how much skin your oil creates. Eating carrots are also known to enhance psoriasis, which accelerates the life of new skin cells.


Almonds are a type of nut that are rich in protein as well as vitamin E. Vitamin E is known as a strong antioxidant that helps the body remove toxins as well as prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. Almonds are also capable of preventing one from getting skin cancer. You might happen to find that many skin-care products use almonds as an ingredient, but experts recommend eating almonds for best results for removing stress from the skin and face.


There are many types of berries that you can enjoy to gain a large helping of antioxidants: Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, acai berries, raspberries, cranberries, and others are all capable of protecting the skin from free radicals in varying degrees. So long as they are in a vibrant shade of red or blue, you can eat them to feel stress free. We recommend buying multiple berries you can buy for meals, drinks, snacks, and even dessert throughout the day.


Whether bought at the store or ordered at the restaurant, salmon is a great source of antioxidants. Salmon and other fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that are capable of creating healthy skin cells. Our bodies require fatty acids, though they cannot produce them on their own. We need to eat foods containing them so that we can continue to have healthy skin. Eating salmon will allow us to have skin that is more-moist and less dry.


Milk as you know is a great source of calcium and vitamin D. The latter is capable of keeping your skin a healthy complexion and helps to prevent wrinkles from forming. If you’re conscious about keeping skin healthy from the effects of the sun, be sure to substitute what you drink with milk and make no other sacrifices to your diet.

Other food items that are good for your face include the following:




Greek Yogurt




Dark Chocolate