Curious About Hormone Balance, Thyroid, and other Health Indicators?

We Strive To Be Your Community Resource for empowerment and total body health for young and experienced women.

We are aviva women who have experienced similar issues to those that we are treating and found great relief, which drives our passion to help you.

We are our best because of the feedback we get from others. Read about the personal experiences that others have had with our clinic.

Understanding what is going on in your body is the starting point to truly optimize your health. Whether you are looking for supplements, thyroid health, or helping hormonal imbalance. This is your go to resource.

learn about the best ways to help improve vaginal health and other intimate topics such as vaginal dryness, atrophy, and orgasmic dysfunction.

The heart and soul of Aviva Woman is to provide a safe place to talk about our most intimate concerns and find relief. Finally! There are options for women’s intimate health! And we are here to listen, educate, and treat.

As part of our goal to heal from the inside out, we recognize that looking our best helps us feel our best. Our customized facials and skin care treatments will not leave you wanting.

Addressing matters of the heart is no small task but it is an aspect of health that embodies the mission of Aviva Woman. Check out our empowerment courses for women, our after school leadership classes for young ladies, and finding resources for mental wellbeing.

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Aviva Woman is the first and only, "Sanctuary-Like Clinic" that specializes in intimate health + Hormone Balance + beauty through a range of services such as ThermiVa, PRP, BioTE, ThermiSmooth and other Maintenance Treatments. We offer regular workshops that support women’s empowerment for tweens-seniors. Our goal is to empower women to take charge of their emotional, physical, and intimate health by addressing and treating sensitive topics not often discussed in a traditional health clinic. Our welcoming environment, personal understanding, and deep desire to improve the lives of those we meet, enable us to achieve our goal. We welcome all to our sanctuary.

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