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Do you want to add more volume to your lips by undergoing lip filler treatment? After taking a lip injection in Salt Lake City or anywhere else, you need to follow some steps to take good care of your lips. Swollen lips are normal after this treatment. So if your lips are swollen, or are reddish or have bruises, don’t be afraid. The red marks and bruises will fade away in 2-3 weeks. You need to keep yourself hydrated during the recovery stage. Therefore, drink lots of water. Icing your lips will help you minimize the swelling. Avoid workouts for 2-3 days after treatment. This is because high blood pressure can worsen swelling and bruises.

Stay away from the sun, avoid hot food, steam rooms and saunas. Ensure that you don’t have an excessive intake of sodium. If you want your lips to look presentable for an event, ensure that there is ample time between the procedure and date of the treatment. This will ensure that your lips recover. Make sure that you sleep upright with your head elevated on the pillow. Avoid applying anything on your lips 2-4 days after treatment. To hydrate your lips, use Bacitracin.