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A Medical Spa is also known as Health or Med Spa and has gained popularity in the past few years. If you want more in-depth answers to health and wellness beyond a traditional spa but don’t want the sterile environment of a traditional family practice clinic, then a medical spa might bet for you. Med Spas in Salt Lake City are getting increasingly popular for clinical treatments in a relaxing environment. People nowadays are looking for more than just facial treatments. They want a soothing environment with added benefits geared toward results.  They seek more knowledge and cutting-edge treatments to ensure adequate health and wellbeing.  A med spa offers a variety of treatment options for the whole body inside and out. From fillers and Botox to hormone replacement therapy and sexual health, there are many treatments that med spas offer. Places like Aviva Woman specifically address common feminine health concerns  and intimate concerns for both men and women that traditional clinics shy away from.

1. Medical Grade Treatments In A Relaxing Environment

A medical spa feels like a mini holiday. It lets you relax while the experts provide you with medical treatments. They may request a few tests prior to your visit for adequate understanding of your body chemistry. The treatments and procedures are then offered according to your needs and without the hustle and bustle of a clinical environment. Aviva Woman Salt Lake City Med Spa assures that you receive care in a soothing atmosphere and provides quick in-office procedures, usually minimally invasive, to benefit health and wellbeing.  While many treatments are clinical in nature, Aviva Woman aims to put the ‘care’ back in health care. When your mind is calm and stress-free, your chances of feeling better is better!

2. They Use The Best Technologies

Med spas often use advance treatments and tools to plan a customized pathway for care based your individual body needs, budget, and life style. A med spa, also, takes into account that your emotional health is at its best while you are receiving treatments and is shown in the genuine care each team member has for you.

3. Enhances a Positive State of Mind

Without a positive and soothing environment, discussing intimate concerns becomes a challenge.  Feeling safe in a given environment enables both provider and guest to review concerns and open up conversation geared toward treatment options and pathways to feeling your best. Usually, providers in traditional medical clinics don’t have the time to sit and discuss intimate topics like sexual function and the nuances various treatments can provide to offer help and relief.  With med spas like Aviva Woman, we pride ourselves at offering the time and attention to give a wholistic approach to various treatment possibilities.

4. Knowledge and Variety of Options

Med spas like Aviva Woman are lead by experts with the skills and knowledge to perform various treatments catered to an individual’s unique needs. They are well versed in tools and options to provide a customized approach to fit a budget and desired outcome. Whether its hormone replacement therapy, skin brightening, or anti-aging health and care, there is a difference in the way care is approached.  You are not judged or looked down on while you discuss intimate topics about your cosmetic goals, vaginal health or hormone imbalances. Unlike a traditional doctor’s clinic, the staff here works as a family and together will guide you through every step.