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3 Ways NAD+ IV Therapy Can Improve Wellness.  Checkout NAD+ IV Therapy at our Millcreek location and see why our guests are raving about Aviva Woman.  This is an infusion that is specific to an individual. Thus does requires a prescription. This means we will need to see you prior to infusion so that we have time to order this prescription and have it sent to our clinic.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital coenzyme that plays a key role in the metabolism of cells and is essential for proper bodily function. As we age, our NAD+ levels naturally decrease, leading to a decline in energy, cognitive function, and overall health. But with NAD+ IV therapy at Aviva Wo/Man, you can help replenish these important levels and support your body’s natural functions.

Our team of trained professionals will carefully administer the infusion, ensuring that you receive the optimal dosage for your individual needs. Simply sit back, relax, and let the therapy work its magic – it’s that simple!

NAD+ Infusions at Aviva Wo/Man doesn’t just stop at replenishing this important coenzyme. It can also help to improve mental clarity, increase energy levels, and support healthy aging. So why wait to feel your best? Take control of your health and wellness today with NAD+ IV therapy at Aviva Woman. You deserve to feel your best, and our team is here to help you get there.

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