1 Simple Way To Reconnect In Your Marriage

1 Simple Way To Reconnect In Your Marriage

Feeling like your marriage is mundane, predictable and not what it used to be? Here is one thing you can do to help bring back the connection.

What you may see as deliberate unavailability from your partner may actually be a lack of bioavailability.

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One major way you're hurting your marriage.

"Let’s face it. Busy couples don't have some of the luxuries they had when they were single. One of the first things to go—especially when kids come along—is quality time together. But sometimes the issue isn’t finding time to be together; rather, it's having the energy to give that time."

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


Aviva Woman in Salt Lake City, Utah is proudly offering age management services for HIM + HER with bio-identical identical hormone therapy pellets. We offer FREE consultations to answer all your questions and ensure that hormone pellets are the right method of age management for you. 

Our hormone pellet system is customized for each unique individual. We order a blood panel test before creating a hormone plan. This helps our hormone experts create the correct dosing for you, we like to take the guess work of trial and error out of the equation as much as possible. After you have received your pellets, we order a smaller round of lab work to make sure you are at the optimized level of hormonal balance. 

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