Class Length:

Each class is 90 minutes. This is a program designed for any woman, any fitness level. All you need to attend is comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, and a journal!

Mantra 1 at aviva woman.

10 Mantra: It is safe for me to be me. It is safe for me to be here

Mantra 2 at aviva woman

11 Mantra: Love I am love, I remember.

Aviva Woman Mantra 3

 12 Mantra: I am a powerful creator


During class we use:

Movement to connect with your body.     Mantras to reprogram your mind.    Meditation to cultivate inner peace.

Your experience may include:

A deeper love for your body.     A strong sense of connection with other women.     Feeling secure and grounded.     Setting boundaries.              Saying yes to what works for you.     Being open to more possibilities.     Finding peace.     Being in tune with your true self.