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ThermiVa // Age 62 // florida

"Aviva woman made my life better. 

I know that I am not the only one who has been struggling with “women’s” problems since menopause hit. Just 5 years ago I was a very “high estrogen” woman. But after my hysterectomy…life wasn’t the same. Well a few drugs and treatments later, many things got better, but I still suffer from insensitivity, dryness and painful intimacy issues. I went to a medical doctor’s office but they tried to sell me creams, hormones, vitamin infusions, mineral pills and prescription galore and even frightening invasive procedures. I was uncomfortable with the lack of empathy and invasive procedures, infections, burning, side effects… what if things got worse? 

Then I found Aviva woman. The staff was so comfortable, they talked to me woman to woman. They sensed my hesitation and concerns. Their office was professional, calming, beautiful yet comfortable. It did not feel like a high pressure cosmetic sales office but more like a warm and comfy place of support.

So, I tried my first Thermiva treatment. The practitioner was skilled, very calming and quite gentle. It didn’t take very long for the treatment. It almost felt like a massage. When I got home that night I noticed increased sensitivity, greater moisture and an answer to the reasons I had sought vaginal rejuvenation in the first place. My intimacy issues had started to become resolved without the painful side effects of laser. 

Both my husband and I were very pleased with the result from treatment one. I will definitely be going back for my next two treatments. Solving my problems with closeness has brought joy back into our lives as a couple.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered menopausal changes of any sort for any reason. 

Thanks Aviva Woman for making me feel young again."

ThermiVa + ThermiSmooth // Age 32 // Millcreek, UT

"The whole world NEEDS to know about ThermiVa! After having my first child, my vagina was just not the same. Nothing was tight, everything was painfully dry, I wasn’t feeling everything like I used to. Saying sex wasn’t the same was an understatement. My husband and I were extremely frustrated. I complained to my OB multiple times and, though I love her, she had no real solutions for me. I assumed it was something I would just deal with and, eventually, the fighting about it between my husband and I turned into just not speaking about it at all. ENTER THERMIVA! A friend told me about it and, after doing some research, I was skeptical but definitely interested so I went to Aviva for a consult. The office was beautiful and welcoming. I met with Teresa and she was calm and comforting and I decided it was for me. The treatment was totally painless and even felt sort of good at times which I was super surprised by. My before and after pics of just the first treatment were CRAZY. Not only did my lady parts look like they did before the baby but they looked even better. I went home to my happy hubby for a test drive and we were both pleasantly surprised about how much better sex felt. Everything was so much more sensitive and we didn’t have to use KY! Fast forward two months, everything feels even tighter and more sensitive. I was hoping ThermiVa was going to be amazing for me – and it totally exceed my expectations – but I definitely didn’t expect what it was going to do for my husband and our relationship as well.

I was so excited about ThermiVa that I went for ThermiSmooth as well. I’ve only had one treatment on my eyes so far but they are so much brighter and smoother and my undereye circles are much lighter. I can’t wait to see the final results in another few treatments.

Thank you Aviva Woman! I love you!" 


"Thank you Teresa and Staff! Such a beautiful office, so calm and serene! Teresa Blair and all of the office staff are exceptional - just above and beyond! 5 Stars! Everyone was professional and I felt the utmost intimate privacy. 

I feel amazing and Aviva has not only improved my physical needs but my emotional needs as well. Also, I have seasonal depression - well not anymore! I'm young again! Amazing results. Thank you!"

ThermiVa // Age 62 // Salt Lake City, UT

"This was such a positive experience. Everyone at Aviva has been helpful, friendly and professional. I feel I have greater bladder control and the appearance of my 'lady parts' has improved as well!"