Suzi Sands | founder + executive director

Suzi Sands | founder + executive director

Providing a sanctuary for women to share, embrace and heal

Since she was a little girl, Suzi has always been interested in the harmonious works of nature and the role she, along with her other fellow species, plays in her environment (biological science degree from WGU). She has always been eager to share any and everything she learns with the nearest listening ear. Maybe, she just loves the sound of her own voice (teacher and public speaker). The way she shows love and compassion is by caring for and making memories for her family and friends (Master Esthetician and Instructor). But the most important skills came in creating her own clan of 3 (single motherhood) where she learned to juggle home, work, school, and child rearing all in one day and before the age of 30! 

Suzi created and taught science curriculum in the middle and high school classrooms, developed programs for esthetic schools along the Utah Wasatch Front, conducted training for esthetics and skin care products for small class rooms and crowded conventions, and created unique and memorable guest experience protocols for small and large resort spas in the salon and esthetic service industries. Her greatest achievements have been raising two straight A middle schoolers, a toddler to be, one more on the way, and lassoing the man of her dreams. 

The story continues as one day Suzi sat frustrated with the lack of avenues for women to talk about intimate issues and find relief for common problems that women deal with during the many phases of life. Thus, the birth of Aviva Woman. As Co-founder, Suzi has a vision to empower the women of her community, and all communities, to take control of their intimate wellness, to embrace, love, and nurture their own unique identity. 

Her favorite Sunday mornings are spent engaging in intellectual or comical conversations with her children and husband as they stroll along mountain trails or brunching with friends until the menu has changed for evening meals. She and her husband spend time with each other by trying new restaurants where they can indulge in artistically crafted food and drink. When Suzi has time to be 'Suzi' she loves procrastinating her chores by pondering the complexities of life.