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SEEKING – Aviva Woman Of The Year Award!

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I wish you all a very Happy New Year! I am so excited to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. I have something special for you that breathes life into the Aviva Woman. Since the New Year is upon us let’s think about the offerings that life will present us. Are you ready and willing to claim them as an Aviva woman?

Who is the Aviva Woman you may ask? To be an Aviva Woman is one who knows who she is and wears her title well. We desire to acknowledge and crown our very own Aviva Woman of the Year. As we begin looking for her, take a moment to look inside yourself and discover the rich offerings that envelop you. What is it that you see? Write to us and share your wisdom and goals. Let us know the intent of your heart and vision. We believe she is among you. We will make our decision based on those letters and announce the Aviva Woman of the Year. The deadline to end our search is January 30th 2019.

 Here is a quote by George Bernard Shaw to help you ponder and reflect upon those offerings

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

How do you see yourself and who are you becoming? Write to us and let us know. Begin your journey of self-discovery and share it with us. To help start your journey, here are some offerings that may help boost yours:

  • Reach for the sky and learn how to stretch your goals. Ask yourself if your goals define you. Do they? Is there some movement in them? Are these goals dormant or actively engaged in elevating you and your dreams?

  • To become different, you must do something different. An average human has 50,000 thoughts flowing through him. Decipher where these thoughts are taking you. Are they taking you to a good place?

  • Do a little research in your heart and write down what you wish to accomplish, and how it will serve others (that is the key).

  • Be prepared to stretch your comfort zone till it becomes a little uncomfortable for you. That is what growth and personal development is all about.

  • Your actions are either blocking your success or creating it. Map out your course, and if life gets in the way, welcome it because it means you are moving in some direction.

  • It is better to move than not; otherwise, this form of stagnation places you on life’s conveyor belt, where you are prodded and inspected until you figure out when to jump off and see who you have become. Would you be friends with yourself?

If this conveyor belt takes you through repeated circumstances, could you stretch a little more over the edge and change the way you react?  We are all here to learn and by so doing, we find ourselves moving forward regardless of previous mistakes. As part of life’s chiseling, they can chip away ego and pride to form a moving monument of compassion and humility.

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