Intimate Care Pricing

$850  |  Single Session
$2400  |  Package of 3 (recommended)
$775  |  Maintenance 
$550  |  Internal Only
$550  |  External Only

Intimate Care Injections $1200 | PRP-Shot for Women
$1700 | PRP-Shot for Men
$1200 | Winglift
$2000 | PRP-Shot + Winglift

$2400 | His + Her PRP Intimate Care injections (Love-Shot)

$1900  |  Single ThermiVa + Love-Shot (same visit)
$3500  |  Series of 3 + PRP-Shot on the last ThermiVa session 

Service Descriptions

ThermiVa offered in Salt Lake City, UT

ThermiVa | Radio Frequency Vaginal Rejuvenation in Salt Lake City

Women in Salt Lake City love this device and so do our expert providers. With ThermiVa, we are able to treat a wider range of feminine health concerns compared to laser. Great patient comfort. Great results. Life changing treatment. See pricing options available and schedule a free phone consultation at any time to discuss your individual concerns.

O-shot in Utah by the experts at aviva woman.

PRP Shot | Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for Sexual Health in Salt Lake City

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. When women are looking for such a treatment in Salt Lake City they don’t want to go to just anyone. Our providers not only have the expertise in treating such delicate areas, they offer a listening ear and can make recommendations for best outcome. Sexual function, orgasmic ability, and even mild urinary incontinence are topics not often addressed in most clinics. Aviva Woman in Salt Lake City is the best choice for the conversation and treatment. We offer pricing packages and gladly welcome scheduling you for a free phone consultation discuss individual concerns. Meeting with our provider will help you both determine the best solution for the desired outcome.


BioTe | Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing in Salt Lake City

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Pellets might be an appropriate solution for decreased sex drive or low libido. This is a critical component to a healthy intimate relationship, the drive. Once again, Aviva Woman provides Salt Lake City a setting to discuss intimate concerns and create a treatment plan according to your needs. We listen to your symptoms and may suggest getting blood work to identify if hormone optimization might improve sexual function. It may also be recommended for depression, fatigue and other symptoms. If you are curious about whether or not you might benefit from hormone optimization, take the symptom check list below. As always, feel free to call or text anytime to discuss your individual concerns. We also have a breakdown of pricing here.

Procedure Comparison Chart

Orgasmic Function

  • ThermiVa focus on introitus and external labia manora and clitoris 

  • PRP-Shot

  • PRP Shot for Men

  • Thermi-Shot

Esthetic Improvements

  • ThermiVa external focus

  • Wing lift

  • Thermi-Lift (same visit doing external ThermiVa followed by winglift)


  • Testosterone Therapy

  • ThermiVa

  • PRP-Shot

Vaginal Atrophy

  • ThermiVa

  • PRP-Shot

Urinary Incontinence

  • ThermiVa, 

  • PRP-Shot

  • Thermi-Shot

Lichen Sclerosus

  • ThermiVa

  • PRP-Shot

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