What is G.L.O.W.? Girls leading our world

We aim to support our youth to help them be confident positive members of their community. Investing in youth in positive ways leads to long term positive outcomes for any community. 

What is the after school program about?

GLOW after school program is designed to equip girls with healthy communication skills between peers, parents, educators and on social media.  Lessons promote positive body image and self-esteem and offer skills in dealing with tough times by demonstrating activities that relieve anxiety, stress, and how to ask for help.

The program levels are designed with ages ranges in mind and catered appropriately for each audience.

What topics are covered?

We discuss ways to deal with school anxiety by teaching girls techniques that help them keep calm, like meditation and breathing exercises. Other topics include being supportive of peers through positive affirmations of self and others. How to ask teachers questions, how to talk about stress with parents, how to stand up to my friends in an uncomfortable situation arises, are a few of the other topics.

How much is the class and when does it run?

FEE: $300

TIME: Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm for GLOWing UP (Upper Elementary)
Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm for You GLOW Girl (Middle School)

DATE: Starting September 12 - December 12 for a total of 10 group classes.

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