What is G.L.O.W.? Girls leading our world

We aim to support our youth to help them be confident positive members of their community. Investing in youth in positive ways leads to long term positive outcomes for any community. 

What is the after school program about?

GLOW after school program is designed to equip girls with healthy communication skills between peers, parents, educators and on social media.  Lessons promote positive body image and self-esteem and offer skills in dealing with tough times by demonstrating activities that relieve anxiety, stress, and how to ask for help.

As part of the GLOW program, girls plan and execute a service project within their community.  GLOW is designed to be inclusive of the needed skills to successfully motivate the girls to involve one another in the service project.  The coach guides the group through selecting a service project and the process of planning for an outcome. During each class, time is allotted for planning and preparing. The concluding class is designated as the service project day. Projects have included attending senior living facilities to carrying out a game night and delivering food for those in need in Salt Lake City.  The purpose of including service in our GLOW Program is to help create a sense of purpose in our community at a young age. Our young ladies have so many ideas and ways they can positively make a difference in the community. They also practice using skills from the leadership program. For example, learning to communicate one another’s ideas to peers.  Accepting ideas and working through different opinions in an effective and kind manner is also part of that journey. The girls encourage each other to share more and give space for every member to be heard and valued.

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