It starts with Caviar + Collagen 

A new addition to our surrender skin care program comes the caviar and collagen anti-aging skin therapy. Caviar is packed with nutrients to help prevent dull and drying skin. These vitamins and minerals can also improve texture and skin tone. Collagen is well known for plumping the skin and helping to eliminate wrinkles.  Bring these two powerful anti-aging ingredients together and you have a beautiful facial treatment!

What to expect

Your 60 minute service includes the traditional facial components of cleansing, exfoliating, a scalp massage and a hand + arm massage. During the treatment, your skin will be exfoliated with a combination of AHAs including glycolic acid, which has the ability penetrate to the lower tissues of the skin to promoted collagen and elastin fiber production. In addition to the many benefits AHA's offer the skin, your freshly exfoliated skin will soak up the caviar and collagen fleece mask for an incredible result that will leave your skin looking and feeling younger.*  This facial is designed as a skin therapy to offer the benefits of stress relief and relaxation with a results driven focus. Plan a date tonight because your skin will be looking radiant!

How to prepare for your facial

There is no need to wear make-up when coming in for a facial. At the same time, if you are coming to your appointment after being at work or running errands, do not worry about removing your make-up before hand. That is what we are for!

When your facial is finished

Make sure to wear sunscreen.  We have recommendations if you are not in the habit of a daily SPF. You can wear make-up after or if you are planning on going home and calling it a day just let your skin therapist know so you can go to sleep without washing your face that night.  


We are a non-tipping establishment. The greatest tip you can give is telling your friends and coming back to see us!