Who is Aviva WOman? WHat is Aviva woman?

To Empower All Women to Take Control of Their Intimate Wellness.

What makes Aviva woman different from other clinics

We provide an open and inviting environment for women to address and improve their mental, emotional, and physical intimate needs. Women will feel more confident and stronger in character upon leaving her visit.

Our employees will feel a sense of purpose and dedication in knowing how they positively impact the lives of each woman that walks into our sanctuary-like clinic + Med Spa.

Why should i choose aviva woman?

To support the women of our communities, young and experienced, by improving their intimate health from the inside out.


  • Each woman is treated as a guest in our sanctuary-like clinic.

  • Her time is important to us and is the most important person to us in and outside the office.

  • We are empathetic to the challenges in her life.

  • Treatment and therapy is designed to support the woman from the inside out.

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