Aviva Woman, located near Salt Lake City Ut in the quaint town of Millcreek, UT, aims to retain the vitality of youth through the wisdom of age. Look no further for a clinic that can offer a range of Botox, Dysport, and Fillers for a subtle anti-aging approach. Our approach makes us THE place for women and men in the surround areas of Salt Lake County needing age management injections, especially for some of the more intimate areas of our face like our eyes. From HA Fillers to collagen-building injections like Sculptra, come visit us today near Salt Lake City, UT and experience how our specialists and staff will do all we can to help you feel and look radiant.
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Anti-wrinkle botox or Dysport

Anti-Aging skin care treatments near me in salt lake city, ut


Need faster acting and longer lasting? Request Dysport.
$12 per unit | 1-20 units
$11.50 per unit  | 21-40 units
$11 per unit | 41-60 units
$10.50 | 61+ units

*Touch-ups always included as needed 2 weeks after treatment up to 6 units. If more units are required you will be bumped to the next price scale as necessary.

Fillers PAckage Pricing in Millcreek, UT

Lip treatments in Salt Lake City and Millcreek Ut at Aviva Woman.


$340 | Mini Lip Plump
$560 | LIP PLUMP
$680 | Lip Lines

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Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds

$1600 | Cheek Lift
$560 | Smile Lines (Nasolabial Folds)
$560 | Jawline

Custom Fillers and Injections PRicing

chemical peels near me in Salt Lake City, UT

Kybella Fat Reduction

$1200 | Per Syringe

Custom Pricing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers

$600-$800 | Per Syringe

PRP + Sculptra

$750 | PRP Facial Injections
$780 | Sculptra 1 Area
$1500 | Sculptra Full Face
$750 | Sculptra Maintenance Per Syringe


*Custom Care For Your Anti-Aging Needs. Treatments for lips, cheeks, mouth lines, temples are priced according. Sculptra treatments are recommended in a series for results lasting 2-3 years.

Anti-Aging Injections Commitment

*We approach botox and injections with an anti-aging approach that is soft and subtle to enhance an individual's natural beauty.  We gear our pricing to reflect a result and not a price. We want your investment to satisfy your desired outcome. If you are not happy, we offer free touch-ups always!

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Payment Accepted + Insurance Information

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept HSA and FSA Cards for covered health services (mostly services that aren’t cosmetic but check with your plan first!)

We are a CASH operating clinic here in Salt Lake City, UT. We do not work with any insurance group. However, when we order lab work we can have the lab bill your insurance or we can create a lab order that you can take to a lab your insurance company contracts with. Please feel free to CALL | TEXT | EMAIL if you have specific questions! 801.500.0919 or info@avivawoman.com.


We offer the best service in Utah. Period. The best tip you can offer us is your repeat business. See you again soon!



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