Why Do I need Lab Work?

Lab work is essential for creating a customized plan for your unique body. It is not the only component we use when creating a complete hormone balance program but it is a major piece of information and gives us a baseline to look at when determining areas of improvement.

Can You use lab Results that i got at a different clinic?

It depends. If your labs are no more than 12 months old we may be able to use the information. Not all offices will order the same labs as we do. We are able to look at your previous results and if there are additional tests we need to order, we can order those separately. You can have your provider fax us your results. That number is 801-508-2661.

Do you bill insurance for the lab work?

In short, we can. But once insurance is billed we do not control the price at which the insurance will cover. For many individuals, paying cash has been easy because they know exactly what the price is and will not receive a surprise bill. Let us know if you would be interested in checking with your insurance. We can provide you the tests so that you may ask your insurance provider if they will cover and what your out-of-pocket expenses would be.

DO you run a saliva test or blood test?

Blood Tests. Saliva tests only measure what hormones are in the saliva. Blood labs give us a more accurate range of the hormones present in the blood. FSH, a key hormone component for dosing for women, is not detected in the saliva.

For women we order: Estradiol, Total Testosterone, FSH, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO, CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), CBC, Vitamin B12 and D, and a lipid panel. Occasionally, we will order Progesterone if she is taking progesterone. Depending on your situation other tests may be ordered.

What blood tests do you order for women?

WHat blood tests do you order for men?

For men we order: Estradiol, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, PSA (between ages of 55-69), TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO, CBC, CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), Vitamins B12 and D, and a lipid panel.

DO I need to do anything special to get my blood work done?

Generally no. You can show up to the lab mentioned in your email or the lab of your choice. The lipid panel we order through quest diagnostics no longer recommends needing to fast. If you are taking a thyroid medication then you will need to wait 5 hours after taking your medication before getting your blood drawn.

When do I get my blood drawn if I am already on BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy)

If you are already on BHRT, there will be unique instructions in your lab work email that will help guide you. For injections, we recommend to get your blood drawn on the day you are supposed to receive your next shot but before you actually get the shot.

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