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Lab Work
$275  |  Initial Comprehensive Blood Work Test Order $65-125 | Initial Placement Follow-up Lab Order $200  |  Yearly Lab Work Order 

Office Visits $50 | Lab Results Evaluations

Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets $350  |  Per Placement for Women (2.5-4 times a year) $680  |  Per Placement for Men (2-3 times a year)

* The pricing listed below is for CASH paying individuals at various Lab Corp locations in Utah. If insurance is billed for lab work we have no control over the pricing.

tests that are needed to determine your dosing plan for hormone optimization.

Fee $85

a full panel to check for thyroid optimization, not just normal function.

Fee $85

make better decisions when it comes to purchasing supplements after knowing what your vitamin levels are.

Fee $85

health indicators.jpg

Fee $85

a comprehensive look at the various levels of health indicators in your blood.

Fee $275

follow up lab work for post treatment recommendations.

Varies $65-$200


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