INTIMATE WELLNESS and rejuvenation

We are 100% For Women, By Women. We understand that with experience, age and the blessing of childbirth comes (the unfortunately common) vaginal dryness, laxity, bladder incontinence (leakage), lack of sensitivity, orgasmic dysfunction, atrophy, painful intercourse and so much more. We are here to help. We are now proudly offering ThermiVa®, an FDA and clinically-approved, non-surgical, non-ablative technology that is safe and a more convenient alternative to labiaplasty or various lasers, that will help reclaim, restore and revive your younger self.


ThermiVa® | Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation

Benefits of ThermiVa®: Sexual Functioning & Health, Tightening & Bladder Control, Aesthetics

How ThermiVa® Works: ThermiVa® is a non-surgical, in-office, feminine rejuvenation procedure. An anatomically-designed wand delivers radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the vaginal tissues (internally and externally) to stimulate new, healthy collagen and nerve growth. It causes tissue tightening, increased moisture, bladder control, increased sensitivity and blood flow, as well as shrinkage of the labia majora and minora. This ground-breaking procedure is pain-free and requires no anesthesia or down-time. Most women report that the treatment feels similar to a hot stone massage and is even enjoyable at times! ThermiVa® is performed in three treatments over the course of three months. All normal activities may be resumed the same day.