Drawing for a 3 day Park City Honeymoon

1 Entry each given for:

  1. Following our Facebook or Instagram AND tagging the bride in this post picture
  2. Bride follows our Facebook or Instagram AND completes ENTRY CONTACT FORM 

5 Extra Entries for the bride:

  1. A scheduled premarital exam
  2. Schedule a free consultation for other services

Family and friends can earn 5 extra entries each for the bride by:

  1. Scheduling a free consultation for the intimate care procedure and/or other wellness services
  2. Scheduling a well woman visit

*** Make sure to specify which bride you are sending your entries for when scheduling your Free Consultations or Well Woman Visit. ***

Premarital Exam

The provider will go over your health history, perform a physical exam and educate on birth control options. She will discuss any concerns of discomfort from possibly using dilators before sex to UTIs on your honeymoon and help emotionally support you through this exciting time in your life. Feel free to bring your fiancé and include him in the discussion (he can wait outside during your physical exam).  We recommend scheduling your appointment 3 months to at least 4 weeks before your wedding night.     


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