WHat is the advantage of hormone pellets?

The best program is going to be what you are comfortable with as you speak with your provider. We like the pellet delivery method at our clinic because this method mimics the delivery system of the body. The pellets are absorbed based on a cardio response. Meaning, as you move, blood flow is drawing from the pellets and delivers a constant flow of hormones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no ‘roller coaster’ effect that can be experienced with other delivery methods.

what is the pellet made of?

The pellets we use are made from pure estradiol or testosterone from plants, usually soy. Generally, it is OK to use if you are allergic to soy because the molecule needed does not contain any actual soy product.

How big are the pellets and can you Feel them?

Pellets are about the size of a grain of rice. Occasionally, pellets might be felt under the surface of the skin due to swelling. This will typically disappear within 24 hours or, in rare cases, up to a month.

how often will I need to get pellets?

  • For women: the time is between 3-6 months. Most women report having pellets every 3-4 months.

  • For men: it could take any where from 4-6 months for the pellets to be absorbed and a replacement is needed. Many factors come in to play that impact your body’s rate of absorption.

  • The amount of exercise you complete each day will effect how quickly or slowly you metabolize the pellets. Trauma and stress can also speed up your absorption rate. If you are going in for surgery, it may be best to have your pellets placed 2-6 weeks after your surgery to preserve the cost of receiving your pellets.

WHat kind of blood work is needed?

  • For Women: Estradiol, Total Testosterone, FSH, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO, CMP, Vitamins D and B12, and a lipid panel.

  • For Men: Estadiol, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, PSA (Ages 55-62), TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO, CBC, CMP, Vitamins D and B12, and a lipid panel.

Do I need to stop taking any medications before getting my blood drawn?

No. There isn’t anything special you need to do for this test.


  • If you are currently taking a prescription for your thyroid, you must wait 5 hours from taking your pill before you can get your blood drawn. If not, it could effect the results of your thyroid panel (Free T3, Total T4, TPO, TSH). After your blood has been drawn you may continue about your day as normal.

  • If you are using injectable hormones get your blood drawn on the day you would normally receive your next shot. Get your blood drawn and then proceed with your injection after you have completed the lab work .

What about birth control?

Stay on your birth control. Pellets do not serve as a method of contraception.

Get your blood drawn on the day you would take your next hormone dose. Wait until after your blood has been drawn before taking your next dose of hormones whether that is a cream, patch, or injection. Once yo h

What should I do if I am already on a different type of BHRT?