Beautiful skin is a daily ritual. For optimal care you need to come in regular AND follow up with a home care routine. Genetics plays a big roll in the way we age and react to the sun. But keeping a regimen of home care is 80% of the results you will get with any skin care therapy. Treat your skin at least once each quarter with a customized skin therapy treatment that aligns with your skin care goals and your unique skin type. Sensitive Skin? We’ve got you covered. First timers? You bet! We welcome all to our sanctuary-like clinic.


the best chemcial peel in salt lake city

$55 | 60 minutes

AHA exfoliants or enzyme mask treatments to exfoliate, brighten, and tighten. This is a great option to spring clean your skin each quarter. Or this can be completed in a series of 4-6 treatments depending on your needs and goals. We use a variety of options to address your concerns from AHA’s, BHA’s, and Enzyme masks. Staying out of direct sun is must for the 3 days following the service and always use an SPF.

rubber mask facial in utah.

$60 | 60 minutes

If you haven’t heard of a rubber mask you are missing out on an incredibly fun facial experience. Not only is this a unique mask, it has wonderful benefits for toning and tightening the face. It is an excellent option for an immediate improvement of the skin complexion. A great idea to get before a big event or just to maintain your beautiful skin. We have a wide selection of rubber masks that suit your skin type from a vitamin c mask for brightening, to a green mask for acne prone skin.

facelift facial 60min.jpg

$85 | 60 minutes

WOW. That is how your skin will feel and look after the combination of this facial experience. Yes, it is an experience. We combine the anti-aging properties of an AHA exfoliant (chemical peel) and top it off with a collagen fleece mask. You won’t find another facial like this in town. Perfect for refining fine lines and improving skin tone and texture. This will leave your skin looking is best from the temporary filling effects of the collagen mask.