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At Aviva Woman, we aim to provide a comprehensive approach to intimate wellness and preventative care.  We begin by reviewing your symptoms and family history, ordering a comprehensive panel of blood work, and making recommendations on supplements, thyroid support, bio-identical hormone therapy, and other stress relieving actions to improve your overall quality of life.  

Symptom Check List *
Symptom Check List
Select the option that best aligns with the severity of the symptom. Strongly Disagree, means you do not suffer from this symptom. Strongly Agree, means this is an issue you have frequently or daily. If a symptom listed is not an issue for you, select Neutral.
Mood Changes / Depression / Anxiety
Decreased Mental Ability
Weight Gain / Decreased Muscle Strength
Decreased Sex Drive
Sleep Problems
Always Cold
Hair Loss / Breakage
Joint Pain / Muscle Aches
WOMEN: Hot Flashes / Night Sweats MEN: Excessive Sweating
Family History *
Check all that apply.
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