What to Expect || 14 Weeks After Delivery



ThermiVa works for me!

Days turn in to weeks and weeks turn in to months and there is but a few days left of the year. Life is feeling more normal every day. Body feels recovered, though waking up in the morning seems a challenge all on its own. One thing I wish for, more hours in the day/night. All in all, I really couldn't be a happier mommy even if the 'mom brain' that comes with the title leaves me wanting for more memory. I am planning on getting hormone pellets once I am done nursing. Why wait till I finish nursing? Hormone changes still fluctuate while a mother breast feeds. Why try to balance that when my body is fluctuating due to milk production. Back to the point (getting off topic is such an easy thing to do these days), I have opted for the Intimate Care Procedure. 

The heart and soul of Aviva Woman is providing Intimate Care. There isn't a place quite like us that focuses on care that too often gets brushed over or avoided all together. I am so glad that after having my 4th child I could talk with someone and be treated for my own intimate concerns. Leaking after a sneezing bout has been something that I have been experiencing for some time. I never thought anything of it until Aviva Woman. Now, I notice my body bracing every time I have to cough or sneeze. Why should I have to live like this! I know I am lucky, it could be worse. Another concern for me personally is dryness. With the hormonal changes due to breastfeeding, it is common for a woman to experience intimate dryness. That can make sexual activity less than exciting for both me and my husband, but probably less for me. My sweet husband appreciates any physical attention without comparing me to my pre-pregnant self; however, I would like to feel my body producing its own lubrication and not have to use any sort of artificial lube. 

It has been a week and a half and I can add my personal testimony that IT WORKS! I have noticed a lot more strength when I sneeze. In fact, I haven't had any dribbles for the last several days and with cold season underway, there have been lots of sneezing. This is a big win in my book. In terms of intimacy, the husband has reported that it feels "amazing." I think it puts a man in a hard corner to ask what it feels like. He doesn't want to make me feel like I was 'loose' but he did say I feet tighter. I noticed that I do have more lubrication but I still need KY if we have sex more than once in an evening. Speaking on sex, one of the benefits of the procedure is enhancing sexual enjoyment. I am still undecided if my enjoyment was a result of the procedure or if it was because my husband seemed more into me and sex than before (he has been on testosterone pellets which have really changed our marriage for the better but that is a whole other story). I do think I was able to have an orgasm more easily for whatever the cause and I could certainly feel more. It's not easy to explain without completely pouring over the anatomy of the feminine body. Suffice it to say, bedroom time has become something to look forward to rather than an act of love. 

I plan on completing a series of 3 over the next 3 months and will report as I notice changes take place.  I am so honored to be able to share my story and hear that it has inspired others to seek relief for intimate concerns. I am an Aviva Woman and you can be, too.  


What to Expect || 2 Weeks After Delivery

What to Expect || 2 Weeks After Delivery

The Body changes that take place after having a baby can be shoved to the side as mothers poor over their new little one. But, there are big change that take place in our bodies that can last for years to come. Learn about what to expect is a step toward healing both physically and emotionally.

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What to Expect || 37 Weeks


I'd like to share my journey on what to expect after expecting. My name is Suzi Sands, Founder and CEO of Aviva Woman. This is my 4th and last pregnancy. I've had 2 vaginal deliveries, 1 C-Section, and a hopeful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Since there is plenty of information about being pregnant but little about what happens to our bodies after delivery, we are going to start just a couple weeks before the anticipated delivery date of September 20.



My 37 week check up gave me some great news. I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. Here is link that explains what dilation and effacement are. Being this far along at week 37 is major for me. I am usually 10 days past my due date and perhaps a 3 dilation when I get to the hospital in labor. 

I elected to have my membranes striped, which basically means my provider used his finger to gently separate the bag of water (amniotic sac) from the side of the uterus near the cervix. (I see Dr. Watts at St. Marks OBGYN Women's Clinic, the same clinic that provided care during my 3rd pregnancy.)  After my check-up I headed back to work. I felt relatively fine that day but did notice a lot more bleeding and mucous. This is normal as a result of the membrane sweep. **I highly recommend using panty liners all day long especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy. It keeps me feeling fresh and clean from all that 'stuff'.  

The next day of having my membranes striped or swept, I noticed more contractions. I kept track of when they would occur and how long. It's crazy, because you would think that after doing this pregnancy thing a few times I might recognize a thing or to about labor, but it is still all a guessing game at this point. My contractions were pretty irregular going from every 10 minutes to 15 minutes, then skipping an hour and picking back up again throughout the day. They felt tight and I had a little cramping but nothing major to report on. However, I really thought to myself, "Tonight is the night." And I wasn't sure I was quite ready for the baby to arrive even if my body was terribly uncomfortable. Sitting. Standing. Laying down. It all feels miserable. Right?!

Well, the weekend came and the new week started. Still pregnant. My husband had a work trip planned on Tuesday through Thursday. He was pretty anxious on whether to stay or go. I told him to go and work while he can. I can handle this. Plus, he stayed at a hotel near the airport in California, which is only a short flight. I highly doubted I would go into labor....until my 38 week check up.