Why Desires Are So Important

A Buddhist Monk was once quoted, “Desires are what propel us forward.”  This phrase has stuck with me since being able to attend a workshop we held recently at Aviva Woman.  If you haven’t heard of the Desire Map, I think it is worth checking out, http://www.daniellelaporte.com/thedesiremap/  

Desires propel our journey forward. Photo: Christopher Crouzet

Desires propel our journey forward. Photo: Christopher Crouzet

Take a look at some of these great words listed below. Imagine if we picked the words that express the way we want next year to be….AND THEN, create goals that will help us feel this way.  

 Passionate Transforming Wellness Worthy Radiance Renewal Thriving Purposeful Exuberant Energetic Brilliance Abundance Align Visionary Luminous Creativity Discovery Results Love Release Peaceful Results Uncover Solutions Quality Power/Powerful Compelling Exciting Accomplish Instantaneous Worthwhile Succulent Growth Imagination Courageous Serendipity Grace Harmonious Visualize Clarity Focus Persistence Service Philanthropy Faith Outrageous Prosperity Insightful Unlimited Unleash

 Connected. This is a core desire of mine because connections are so important to me; connections at work or home, with my spouse or best friend, as a mother and a daughter. I thrive on feeling connected with the people that mean the most to me. So, I should look at my daily life and think about next year to set goals that surround connecting with my loved ones. Doing so will help me feel my best to perform my best in other areas of my life. And this is just one core desire. 

 Peaceful.  Who doesn’t want to feel this way? Well, I certainly do. The great part of these exercises is not to create more tasks in your day but to assign a purpose to the tasks you already do. For example, feeling peace is something I need throughout the day when kids are going and work is demanding and life is just passing by.  I like being able to go into my room at the end of the day and feel peace. One way to ensure that to happen is making my bed. I love making my bed (when I am not in a hurry.) It seems trivial and even pointless to some. My husband could care less if the bed was made or not because we are just going to sleep in it again and there it goes needing to be made again. For me, walking into a clean room helps me mentally prepare for my next day and wind down. The rest of the room may be a mess, but the bed…the bed is ready. And then AWE! Getting into a bed that is straightened and not all wrinkly, it feels so easy to go to sleep.  

 Desires are going to help us live life with purpose. They say, ‘Enjoy the journey and not the destination.’ Deciding how you want to feel along that journey is key to enjoying the ride.


There are some great links to check out to learn more about the Desire Map on Facebook and on our website. You can also check out an intro class at the end of the month! Wednesday November 28 from 7-8:30pm. $20 for the class you can sign up here!